Property Management Fees

Why Choose Us as your Property Manager and what we do differently?

We will save you money with our low Property Management Fees
Unlike traditional real estate agencies, who lack passion for property management, we have created a purely mobile property management service. The benefits of not having huge overheads like most agencies, means we can offer our landlords a reduced management fee, by still providing an unbeatable level of service. You reap the benefits, and not to mention all of our fee’s are completely tax deductible. We understand you need to maximize the returns on your investment, that’s why we keep our management fees at an affordable level available in the market. View Our Schedule Of Fees

We will Maximize Your Returns
We have a strong emphasis on delivering results and improving returns to the investors whom we service. Contact us for a free appraisal to ensure you are receiving top dollar rental income.

We ensure Quality Tenants
Every tenant checked against TICA database guaranteed. Securing fantastic tenants makes life easier for you, and us!

Our business is run By Investors, For Investors
You deal directly with the business owners – available 7 days a week. We know what its like being in your shoes, we are local, dedicated, and long standing. Not every property manager is the same and we are here to look after your property, as if its our own. For us, the effective management of your property stretches beyond 9 to 5 Monday to Friday, a difference that sets us widely apart from our competition.

Were not just Property Managers
If you are like most property owners you invested in real estate with the expectation that your properties would generate a recurring income stream, through rental and leasing income. You also anticipated that the benefits of depreciation would provide you long term financial security.

But what about the day to day management of your property?

As you know in order to meet your expectations, your properties require constant attention. Do you really have the patience, expertise and the time to handle the essential but sometimes complicated and repetitious daily tasks associated with property management? If your currently managing your own properties ask yourself this, are you tired of screening potential clients, dealing with bounced cheque’s and late rent payments, maintenance calls in the middle of the night and the revolving door of unreliable sub contractors?

Or, if you’re currently using a property management company, are they really meeting your needs? Does your property manager know what its like to be in your position, do they have their own investment properties? – we do!

My Property Shop is in the business of making property management, manageable. We have the personnel, experience, knowledge and resources to effectively handle all aspects of managing your residential properties. We handle all the essential tasks to meet your needs and expectations.

As any property owner knows the property market is inconsistent with heights and lows, but regardless of where in the real estate cycle you find yourself, the My Property Shop team has the ability to strategically position your property to maximize its value.

My Property Shop can efficiently handle all your real estate needs. Understanding that the management has the effect on profitability and the value of your real estate investment, is the foundation for everything we do. We create real value for our clients, by maximizing property revenues, maintaining cost-effective operations and delivering superior levels of service. At the same time we focus on minimizing expenses, we know what its like to be in your shoes, and we want to ensure that your property is maintained at the level you expect.

So whether you are new to property ownership or a seasoned investor looking for more reliable assistance, My Property Shop is your solution. We’ll evaluate your needs and develop a strategic approach to meeting them in the most cost effective way possible. No pressure, no hype. We’ll show you what we can do.

Maintaining your property and managing it to the highest standard is just as important as maximizing the returns of your investment. When selecting a property management agency you need to choose someone who knows the law and is confident in applying it. A company who will pay attention to the finer details. Our personal approach is backed by our advanced systems including our “Routine Property Reports”, modern technology and marketing experience. Our accredited managers will guarantee you  a superior service delivered with the utmost integrity and ethical standards. No doubt you will love our hands on, caring approach to ensuring all of our clients feel special!

Did you know you can change your Property Manager without upsetting your tenants and during a fixed term lease? There is no cost and no hassle. Contact Us today and experience why so many Investors are choosing My Property Shop to manage their properties.

We Guarantee

  • We guarantee a same day response to any queries
  • We guarantee to keep you informed and up to date with your property.
  • To respect your privacy and security
  • Contact your property manager 7 days a week 24 hours a day via our internet site. Your e-mail will be sent directly to their phone.
  • Up to date websites and advertising material, means high exposure of your property at re-letting time.
  • Letting inspections conducted 7 days a week- means less down time
  • Highly motivated and trained staff
  • Online facilities for tenants to log maintenance requests which are sent to the property manager 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This means no delays where urgent maintenance is reported.
  • Several options for tenants to pay rent means less tenant arrears and quicker payments for you.

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