Selling A House

Let’s go out on a limb and put the word ‘honesty’ in the same sentence as ‘real estate’. Really, we mean what we say and we say what we mean, no ifs, no buts, no excuses. It all starts with a fair and reasonable valuation, not some pie in the sky figure dreamt up to buy your listing!

We look at the actual sold prices for comparable properties in the area and provide all of our vendors with a bench mark and achievable sale price. Then we go to work to find the buyer. In cases we may already know him/her by name and others we connect with through the internet, inspections, signage and press advertising. Nothing particularly novel about that.

The difference is the massive energy we tip into everything we do! To be a great agent you need to get up earlier, stay up later, and go harder through the day. And the result? In almost every case we find a buyer for our vendors within 6 weeks.

If you are ready to sell your property, you need an expert on your side, someone who will “tell it like it is” with straight forward advice. My Property Shop will market and complete the transaction to your complete satisfaction. We will present you with a detailed marketing plan showing how we will leverage every available resource, in order to sell your property quickly, for the best possible price.

Our goal is to provide our sellers with the best personal service possible, and selling your property quickly and efficiently, that is the best service we can deliver.


1. We commit to ensuring that the person you hire is the person you get

2. We commit to being entirely honest and open with you at all times

3. We commit to prioritising your interests and those of your property

4. We commit to focusing all our energies to make your property stand out

5. We commit to focusing all our energies on achieving the very best outcome

6. We commit to co-operating with all other agents in the marketplace

7. We commit to providing you with timely feedback

8. We commit to keeping you informed of all developments on your property

9. We commit to using the latest technology and marketing strategies

10. We commit to honouring these and all other undertakings that we make

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“Selling a house is easy with My Property Shop”