Service Guaranteed

We will skillfully represent you

–  Our Asset Management Division manages in excess of million’s in property assets
–  We collectively have more than 30 years experience
–  We know the law and are confident in applying the law
–  We attend regular training to refresh and learn new techniques
–  We are knowledgeable and keep up to date on current market conditions
–  We understand and comply with legislation requirements

We will strive to maximize the return on your investment

–  We will carry out regular rent reviews to maximize your rental return
–  We will closely monitor the rental market to ensure that you are receiving the maximum rent achievable in the current market
– We will negotiate tenancy renewals to avoid vacancy periods resulting in a loss of income
– We will adopt a high standard of tenant selection to reduce rental arrears
– We offer tenants a variety of methods for their rental payments (For example, credit card facilities) to maximize their ability to pay rent

We will work towards optimizing the capital growth on your investment

– We will carry out regular routine inspections and focus on keeping you informed on preventative maintenance required to mitigate your outlay on major repairs
– We will inform you of required renovations and improvements in advance to allow you time to budget for the outlay
– We will ensure that your property is kept in a safe condition to avoid possible tenant injury, resulting in a possible compensation claim
– We will ensure that your property is well maintained to optimize your long term capital growth

We will offer you hassle free management

– Friendly, professional and helpful staff to assist in giving you peace of mind
– Rent monies paid to you when you want it

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